How do I find my Slider Revolution purchase code?

Where do I find my Slider Revolution purchase code for my BeTheme Wordpress theme? Or is not that included with my license?

Here is:
Envato Market Purchase Code?

I already tried that, entering the Item Purchase Code, but it unfortunately did not work. That’s why I was wondering if it was an option outside of my original BeTheme purchase?

Bundled plugins don’t come with purchase codes.

The plugin will work fine without registering it - the purchase code is just to get extended features like auto updates etc.

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I’ve run into an issue with the Slider Revolution plugin causing an issue on my BeTheme HOME page (only) navigation. When I disable, the HOME page navigation works fine but obviously, no slider. Any thoughts? Does anyone think a “registered” version fix this problem?

Unlikely - there’s a good chance that the slider has been modified for a theme that size.

Best option is to ask the BeTheme author

OK, I’ve updated BeTheme (21.5.7) and Slider Revolution (6.2.2) to their most current versions but am still having issues with the HOME “Top_bar” menu not showing.

After turning on-and-off all plugins, it is Slider Revolution “not playing nice” with BeTheme and when I deactivate it, the HOME page main navigation appears.

NOTE: I have created a temporary “fix” in Slider Revolution so our main navigation appears on the HOME page, but it does not allow for drop-down menus and is meant only to be temporary.

I am stuck and any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

as @charlie4282 said: Best option is to ask the BeTheme author
please contact theme author and let them know because they are best about their theme functionality and they are the right team to get support.