How do I become a reviewer?

Placdarms, NicholasKramer, MotionRevolver and etc. Who are all these people?

What should I do to become a reviewer?
what qualities should I have?
how will I understand when they come for me and suggest me to go to the dark side?
Where to podvat the application? How does this happen?


For a start you must buy a course “Power Gay Elite Author” by Dasha Paliev from Bangladesh. This powerful course will teach you to create a similar paralax slideshow. After which you will begin to understand the difference between Hard and Soft reject. When you gain enough knowledge you will be able to apply for this position.

But they still will not take you.


Industry veterans with nearly 50 years of combined experience!

Didn’t realize I had earned this badge :thinking:


MotionRevolver, here this course “Power Gay Elite Author


You are quite happy and care-free though?

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Of course! Always!

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So that’s where all the parallax slideshows are coming from

From what I know. Somewhere deep in space, there is a planet shaped like a leaf. It is said, that if, on a full moon, and only on a full moon, you can see the leaf planet, then a magic Reviewers Position Form will appear in the sky with your name on it.

It was something like that, , but all jokes aside now, you can always check Envato Careers Page, still though, would have been nice to have an Envatoria planet :smile:


This post made my day! :grinning: or night…

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Oh no, @Enabled is on to us.

We must the evacuate the planet, before the leaf is compromised!

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I knew it! I knew wearing the tin foil hat would make me see the truth! :joy: