How can I find the audio used in this video?

@TranSMaxX TranSMaxX i am looking for the sound design on this video. Is this something you can help with? Glitch Lamp Logo Reveal by TranSMaxX on Envato Elements

hey @ACTIONSHOTS here is your item audio


OMG!!! 1. How was that this easy? 2. how can i buy you lunch?

Here is my way to finding audio

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@TranSMaxX should have been the one to help you there. Properly crediting the music you use is MANDATORY!!!

Not doing so is hurting your buyers and the music author @vibecode.

Please amend!

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Hi. Can you explain me, i don’t understand. What exactly template in my portfolio you mean?

What do you not understand??

There’s a link to your Glitch Lamp Logo Reveal item in the first post of this thread. Music is not credited there, this is a breach of Envato’s terms and a low blow to the music author. Please, properly credit the music asap!

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