how can i download and buy ?

how can i download and buy : 24531609_inspiration-corporate-pack_by_musicsupermarket_preview
please help.


unfortunately the item and the author are not available on the market. If you have the preview of this item upload here and our great community will help you and recommend other musical packs which are similar to that one. :slight_smile:

Or if you want to, here you could submit a request for Envato Market Help Team, they will assist you with pleasure:

Best Regards,
Layla from Team HoneyLoud :sunflower:

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Thank you, where can I upload the audio preview?

You are welcome, upload to SoundCloud or to another online audio distribution platform and link it here. :slight_smile:

here is the link of the preview, I need it…

thank you very much

Edit: just I was thinking to call @CleanMagicAudio because he is expert in searching audio. In the mean time he posted.

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Hi @francoisgaillard19. Do you need just that, or can you pick up something similar?
If something similar, then I can offer you a couple of music packs.

Good luck searching! :wink:
P.S. What you are looking for has been removed from the site.That Item does not exist on Envato Market > Audiojungle may that author remove his account or Market authority removed/suspended his account some kind of violation.

thank you for all reply, but it’s difficult to change when my customer choose a song… I’m looking for a new one, but It’s not easy to find something else!

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