How can I add 'Call' icon with phone link.

I’m using STARHOTEL WP THEME. How can I add a CALL icon with phone number and link likes in picture below? It will be linked like ‘tel: 90 1223234234’.


Maybe you can add like a regular menu Item and add some extra CSS code.
But the “regular” way will be to edit the header.php file (probably there is placed the code for menu, and a whole header).

If you are interested I can do this for you, but as custom work.

Contact me over my profile page for more info:

Thank you @CocoBasic, I have already added like a regular menu item with awesome phone icon :). I think it looks good enough.

Good job :wink:

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You can add a plugin like that:

Thank you @AthenaStudio. That’s great. I’ll try it.