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Hello,I have added 3 Rooms.
Room 1 – Capability of 1 Adult 1 Child
Room 2 – Capability of 2 Adult 1 Child
Room 3 – Capability of 2 Adult 2 Child
Now i from home screen i am searching a room with Adult 3.
I am getting no Rooms found.
I should get Room 2 and Room 3 in search with adding extra 1 Adult with extra cost.
But same thing is not working right now.
Please let me know how we can achieve this things.

In Make my trip , I search for 12 Adult
He provide me list of many hotels
When i check any hotel it says 3 Room and 3 Adult bed cost extra
Some Gave Option of 4 Rooms.
But they got some Room Options.
In our we dont get any option.
Suppose i have a room with 1 ADULT.
if i search for 5 Adult
Then it should search be above room with 5 Rooms to be booked.
Means in search we want rooms with some supporting options.

No Reply , No Support and No Help
And buggy module

Please, remember that forum is general purposes but not for item support. You need to solve the problem with the author ( free support ) as we can only offer paid support.

In case, you can contact me via this link or check the job I offer at Studio