Hidden Portfolio Page - Oshine

Hi, my website uses the oshine theme. I want to create a portfolio page that doesn’t appear as a link on the front page. I don’t mind it being public, but I only want it to be accessed using a direct link.

Is this easily do-able?


Can’t you just not add a link to the page either in your main navigation or anywhere else on the page that includes links?

When I create a portfolio page it automatically adds a link on the front page, but I don’t want it to be featured on the front page. I’m sure there’s just a setting where that can be turned off, but not sure where!

This is the site: https://katierawlins.com


Please check the Item documentation hopefully you will get necessary support.

Otherwise Please contact your purchased theme Author through Item Support for Oshine page and let them know. your purchased theme Author will assist you.