Hi I just bought machic theme but the top banner on shop page not found in customize setting

Please help to find out where its located so i can customixe according to it

Hi @aateeb87,

Please contact the author of your purchased theme, the theme author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


How to find who is the author of theme

The author is @KlbTheme

You can contact the author for getting support from here:

Also please check the link I posted in my above reply.



You can contact our support team and they will gladly help you.

Click Here To Get KlbTheme Support

Thank you so much @mgscoder

Best Regards.

Contact with theme author support or hire a professional to complete theme customization and setup.

I am hesitant to provide my info like username and password is there any method by which i can get support?

Hi @mgscoder,
A few days ago I also bought the [same](https://apkreject.com/) theme, I also had to go through the same problem, but you told me how to contact with the Author and solved my problem. Thank you so much.