Hi Envato I am Facing this problem, whenever I open website

I can access my account with another network connection, but not home internet connection.

Same here.

Have submitted ticket to envato. Hope they are aware of the issue.

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Thank you Sysbasics for the response, me also submitted tickets too. I thought my account is only having this issue,but your also Facing same issues, i hope everything will be fine with us.

Your IP/Country is not permitted access.

Read our help centre article to learn more.

If you believe this is a mistake, please contact Support and provide the following request ID: 82863cd54cba8aed


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You can access your account by using other internet connection it will come. Not home internet connection, which we are using daily


Today I see this message " Your IP/Country is not permitted access". I’ve have checked the article, by country, India, is not in the blocked list.

I’m not sure why I’m getting this message.

Can anyone help me understand what’s wrong?

BTW, I’m using VPN to login and post this.

Thanks in advance.

This message is showing from today to lots of Indian users.
My observation is it’s only showing when anyone tried to visit codecanyon site using JIO network.
Anyone else facing this same problem?

Yes same problem with jio network. works with VPN though. tried from others jio phone and it is showing this message for them as well. Envato is blocking access to india’s largest cellular network. it has 442.48 million users(as per google) . it is not a small deal. they should fix it asap.

got blocked as well using jio network,
dont mess with our mukesh ambani, he will start alternate marketplace to envato :rofl:

Hello Team,

The “INDIA” Jio network’s IPS is blocking access to Envato websites on both my mobile Jio network and home network. Switching to other networks like Vi on my mobile resolves the issue. At my office, both Actfiber and Jio networks are operational separately, but when using a network balancer VPN router (which connects two networks), issues arise with Jio. Removing the Jio network resolves the problem.

We are waiting for your confirmation. Please address this issue; if it can’t be fixed, we might consider switching to an alternative network like Airtel.

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I try my mobile internet then I also getting same message.

Please help us

Hello everyone :wave:

We’re also facing this same issue from today morning. We tested and it is happening only on Jio Network. It is related to ISP’s IP assignment We tried with other networks and it works normally. We’re also using VPN. But, the issue is new author may not know about this. Also, they cannot connect here. There is no articles or news available on public. Hope it will be resolve soon.

Hello Team,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am currently using another account to post in the forum and cannot access my original SPRUKO account. Therefore, I’m sharing this message from our alternative account.

I’d like to bring to your attention a serious issue that requires immediate attention and resolution. Your prompt assistance in fixing this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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Thanks everyone for letting us know about this. Is there a particular IP range that is being blocked? I’ll let the Devs know now.

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Thank you sir for the response, I don’t know much about IP ranges, but we use one particular network, the JIO Network in our country. When we load your page using that Jio internet, it shows an error like we shared screenshots. If I use another internet (for example: like Airtel network) connection, there will be no errors comes the page will open directly, there will be no more errors sir.


Dear KingDog,

We’re currently experiencing difficulties with our Jio network, impacting both our mobile SIM data and home LAN computer network. Upon switching to an alternative network, the issues resolve, suggesting a potential problem specific to Jio’s network or IPs. If this persists, many authors could face account login problems.

It would be beneficial to address and promptly resolve these network blocking issues.


This could help


Thanks! It’s hopefully working now.


Thank You Envato and Team :heart::clap:,Finally It’s Working sir.