Help to Identify a WP theme



Hey guys,
Could anyone of us help to identify a similar theme to this

I am only interested in the portfolio (grid layout) part of the website, as below. So looking for something close or similar to the below preferably under WP (not really interested in the other functions like blogs etc).


you have the theme there? If you don’t want the blog just don’t use it?

WP is a blogging platform so pretty much any theme you find that uses this grid style (there are tons of them) will also have a blog functionality written in


hey charlie,
thanks for the reply, looking to use something similar not the exact theme name as posted here,
this is already being used by one of us. thanks.


Here’s some good places to start out, @chiccosinalo, let us know which ones you like and/or end up with! :smile:

WordPress > Grid > Best Match
WordPress > Grid > Newest Items
WordPress > Grid > Bestsellers


thanks scottwills

got this theme ->
finally settled for :

from this lists : WordPress > Grid > Bestsellers

loving it so far.


Oh great choice, @chiccosinalo! I’ve met the creators of that item, @pexeto, they’re an awesome duo/team! :smile: You’ll be in good hands. :thumbsup:


@scottwills oh really, thats some awesome stuff, thanks again for you help. i fell in love with the look of it at first glance, well done @pexeto cant wait to refurbish my website. with the new #story-wp-theme by @pexeto :smile:


hey scottwills
as you said the guys @pexeto are awesome, and the support is top notch also. i told them about you and they send kind regards. Cheers.