Help Needed Identifying a adobe premiere template

There is temple in videohivd I want to buy it but know I don’t remember his name but I remember the video promo
The preset in adobe premiere
And have something like style. Title
Alone on title with different colors
Some think like this

I was struggling last night to find an audio clip from one of the video templates. Someone here helped me out, even though I have no idea what theme that comes from can you give us more information on what the template was about. If we can narrow down the category and maybe the style of video effects and its purpose we can create a much smaller pool of videos to look through. Was its an intro for social media, or a YouTube Intro, maybe just Typography. Any info like that would be helpful.

The templet name look like stylish title it just alote of titles with colors just drop in video and bom with no color change the file was 1.5 giga I think

Still doesn’t give us much to help but maybe its something like this:


I think the best advice is for you to do a search for colorful titles at and then once you find a design that is close to what you are looking for, click it to go to the details page and look at the different tags they use and also check out the authors other work. Might help you get to your answer faster or you might find something better that you like. Good luck.

Thank you for advise buy my template in adobe premiere not after effects and have this unique name (stylish color) he was in best seller but I can’t find him now