Help me find the best digital signage solution....


I have been trying to find a good Digital Signage Wordpress Theme to use in public locations and display promotions on a TV. I hope someone that reads this post can help me find this ideal theme.

I would like something very similar to this site:
I am not using this site, mainly because it is not for sale and is prohibited.

I need the following criteria in a Wordpress Theme:

  • A simple website that expands full screen and have different solid colored backgrounds or bg image options
  • Displays a simple graphic on left, and text on the right / Or fill entire page with an image if I want
  • I want to have a website that scrolls from page to page in a slide show fashion (selectable transition times would be nice)
  • I would like to have the ability to have simple widgets at the bottom of the screen that do not move and include time, date, weather, news, etc.

Thank you in advance!

Dear tomcatrobinson,
I can help you with this please please mail all your requirements to

Can I have Help too?

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