Help Identifying theme being used on website?

Have done some extensive web searching trying to find what platform or overall website template is being used for these 2 different websites. They seem to be using the same theme, but upon code inspection, I’m not personally detecting anything.

I love the features this theme has with the background moving w/ the mouse, as well as the fact that these sites are mobile phone accelerometer interactive, and allow you to look and spin 360 degrees to view the panoramic 360 backgrounds.

Any help pointing me towards the developers or anything similar would be so much appreciated!

Feel free to contact me via Studio, if you’d like to work together

I have discovered that the effect I want, is attainable with the use of something called “A-Frame” coding that uses HTML and Three.js. (the script being used that I want to know if I can implement into a wordpress section/stacks background) - example of someone who has the mouse controlling the pan/tilt/yaw of the camera that I really want as my end result.

Would be awesome if this was able to be built in, or used with Visual Composer, or any other simple way to implement into wordpress full screen responsive backgrounds.

There are a lof of themes that match your criteria, you should search for the keywords you mentioned and also search for Full Screen in the WordPress category on ThemeForest. You’ll most certainly find something that suits your requirements. Cheers! :slight_smile:

can you please help w/ suggesting keywords to search. I’ve searched three.js, a-frame, panorama, backgrounds, interactive backgrounds, 360, and have yet to find anything that shows a simple solution to the interactive background I’m looking for. It has to work on desktop w/ a mouse hover to guide camera point of interest, but then also work when tilting a mobile phone, which the A-frame sky/panorama effect does.

I just can’t find themes that do this. A revolution Slider/Power slider is not going to do what I want w/ the basic ‘Mouse parallax’ setting from what I can see.