Hello guys! What should I know when getting started?

:smile: Hi! This is not my first time trying to get a product on the market. This time I want to commit and put in all the effort until I see me work on sale! Since I am not familiar with the community and the standards I hoped you guys would give me a few pointers to help me get started.

Wordpress Theme. I am mainly interested in making a wordpress theme to start with. I will go through making the design, the HTML and the theme product itself. To begin I will focus on the PSD template. Is there a guideline for making a product that meets the Envato standards?

Adobe XD is my tool of choice and I wanted to know if anyone else works on it as their main software and then converts their work to PSD and if that works? If that is the case, what should I know about converting .xd files?

Rejections. I’ve seen that many people come to the forums to ask for feedback since they do not know what the problem is with their design. Is there a “common pitfalls” page that I can check so that I can avoid this situation as much as I can?

Community. Another thing that I wanted to know is if you guys are part of any other popular community for web or graphic design? For me a big part of getting things done is to be active in some community and get feedback on a regular basis so that I keep motivated.

To end this, do you guys have any tips for someone breaking into the market?

Thanks a lot!