Header Logo while scrolling

I did some sites using Avada now. I.e. on my site www.cool-webinars.com/en the logo stays in the header but is scaled down a bit to the left hand side. I am actually working on a new project. As far as I left the header settings untouched it worked exact this way. After I tried some other header and menu orders this effect disappeared and I can’t get it back. I had this issue a few times now and it seems to function at a random principle.
Any help is deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Please, contact the author directly. This forum is for general purposes, not for theme support.

if you want to align the logo to left add this in theme options wher you can add custom css

.header-v5 #header .logo

Hmmm, thanks. If I search this forums I see lots of posts regarding Avada so I thought I were right. Sorry.

Thanks for your tip. Aligning the logo is not the issue, this can be done by the theme options of course. It has something to do with the sticky header and as I wrote, even though the settings seems to be the same on different sites, the behavior is different. Anyway, thanks again.

contact the author then, he will investigate this problem