Have you used a gift registry feature? Looking for feedback.

Hi all,
I’m interested in building a new wish list / gift registry plugin and am requesting feedback from WordPress and WooCommerce website developers.

I’d love for you to take my short survey! https://goo.gl/forms/AVMYpJNp0iAfSjL93

Very Good Idea. I have needed them in the past for wedding gift lists etc and could never find a good one.

Please consider these features that are available on shopping sites that I have used:

The ability for the person adding the gift list to easily manage it, add items + take items off.

The ability for the person who added the gift list to convert the items value to gift vouchers if they decide they no longer want an item. (we did this when we got married with almost all our gifts!)

The ability to buy only part of a gift set if the person buying the gift does not want to spend the full amount. Eg a full diner set can be purchased by three wedding gusts. This would work the same as a gift vouchers.

Also make sure you can easily add a well wishing message to the recipient(s).

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Awesome, thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it and will take all those suggestions into consideration.

Hi There! Just wanted to follow up as to the development of this plug in?