Hard rejection once again, don't know reason.

After a couple of hard rejections on latest template, I started working on this nearly from the scratch but it was hard rejected again. I really need help on this.

It’s a coming soon template: Demo

This takes forever -_-


Really? Are you on mobile?. Guess it takes so long depending on internet connection, going to check out. Thanks for reply.

Nope. WiFi on a laptop.
OS : OS X 10.11.4 Beta (15E33e)
Browser: Safari 9.1 (11601.5.10)

Going to try to speed-up loading assets and upload it again, though I don’t know if that’s the only reason, it was a standard rejection message.

The preloader does take it’s time (on 56meg speed) and also the jarring transition effect is not at all good

  • Really annoying that the nav has to be manually closed to show the full content. Make it auto close?

  • Nav could be improved and the area better utilized e.g. logo, social icons,tweets or something.

  • Image transition oculd be smoother

  • h3 could stand out better

It is a tough category as the competition is becoming progressively more creative and advanced, and while yours is not bad, it may need to find something more unique to compete

There is nothing unique in this template. You should be more creative… :wink:

Thanks for replies.

@asifnm7. Which transition do you mean?

@charlie4282. Good points, definitely must improve it that way.

@egemenerd. As said before, tried to do something very different to this, a monochromatic color scheme template but didn’t work so I take a more standard approach. It’s hard to keep it minimal and be creative, though don’t think this is that bad.

The transition from one photo to another

Sorry to say this but it is very basic.

If you want to present in this category you have to be very creative with typography

Good luck

@asifnm7. You’re right, have to improve that.

@TexTheme. What do you mean?.

Any ideas to make it more unique, design or feature wise?

This is basic design, you have to use awesome font for countdown, use logo section , also check coming design in specialty-pages category, i have also rejected coming soon template

@ilmosys. Imo, changing the font for the countdown would only make to look worse than it is. Probably adding a logo as suggested to the navbar and fixing what was commented it’s enough before going deeper.

its not enough to change only header and logo, @HaundoDesign Hard reject means you need to change overall design of the template :slightly_smiling:

@ilmosys. Yes I know, just saying first fix that and then check if adding something more could make it before starting over again cause I don’t know how to improve keeping the same concept.

Content is too plain i guess. Be more creative with layout.

@HaundoDesign just check out new upcoming design on themeforest, you can learn from them
and best of luck for your submission