Hard Rejection on my Adobe XD project I need all helps about

I’ve uploaded my product on themeforest but they rejected my product. This is my first time to upload i need all of the information to upload my product on Themeforest market

If you want feedback you need to share your demo link here

This is UI Design i just uploaded zipped file

Share screenshots - unfortunately it’s impossible to advise without seeing what was submitted

Please contact me on Email: (removed)
if you like

i can send you my project to get learn all about please contact me on gmail: (removed)

Best not to put your email in public forums

UI is not an area of my expertise but if you upload/share 1 or 2 preview images of what you submitted here, then there are several authors in this category who often offer advice

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I’ve uploaded jpg files please check that

With all due respect but this is very far from the required quality standards. Continue working on your skills and try again in a few months.

I actually want to know the required quality. Would you like to explain it please?

Check out the recently submitted items from the category where you’ve tried to upload your item.