Hard Rejection of Font

I have just had a hard rejection of a font and was wondering if anyone can give me some direction on why it may have been rejected. I was so careful to include a good description and images showing what it includes and how it could be used. The font itself was tested on PC and Mac so technically it was fine.

I’ve attached a couple of images so you can see what the font looks like. I’d appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance.

as for me i like it but isn’t the fact that u have only a very thin version a problem in this category? (this is a question i ask to myself)

As i Know Font Rejections are very rare, maybe your font have a big kerning/spacing issues. Or Maybe its much similar to already approved other fonts.

Nice font! I can only guess but it may be as others suggested: a single family version may be the problem. Great work on the presentation too!

Most decorative/display fonts only have one weight.

this may not necessarily mean that this the best formula lol the less trendy are not always the less long lasting and normally these ones have a collection of different weights …