[Hard rejection]- Need Suggestions

**Hello friends, once again my 404 page template got rejected.please tell me your suggestions so that i can improve my design and to resubmit it on themeforest.

demo url:- http://psdtocodes.com/Radar/

hi buddy, as for me , i tend to think that this is nice but that it would be even nicer if u could possibly have the triangle, moving according to a more logic axis … i would also put some space between the upper part of the pages and 404 so that u have some breathing and that it looks this better. U may also drop a shadow behind the radar , smooth / progressive indeed so that it adds a bit more depth and impact and so that the eye focuses even more quickly on the radar indeed …

Your theme lacks functionality, Just using a fancy text and GIF images can’t get you through Review Team’s demands, look at other items in the category and add some extra features for the look and feel to your product. Overall spacing needs improvements. Good Luck :smile:

Everybody nowadays thinks that if one can throw together some bunch of code in Bootstrap is a web designer / web developer.

@miraclestudio4u don’t get mad but that thing will never be accepted. It’s something that anyone can do after watching some tutorials. Typography is bad, whitespace is bad and there is no content. If you’re a good developer, find a designer or invest some time in learning about web design then try again.

Just my two cents.


P.S. Also @KenulJain’s suggestion is useful, regarding functionality.