Hard Rejection Help

My personal blog theme LYRA (http://lyra-theme.esy.es/) was rejected . Could someone help me on what should be improved, what is wrong and why it was hard rejected.

If this demo is down please use this screenshot: http://tinypic.com/r/xdtob6/8

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Hundreds of validation issues

Fundamentals with margins, padding, alignment and typography need a lot of work

e.g. footer widgets don’t align with the rest of the page nor does the header content

on the home page the two columns have a narrow spacing then a big gap until the sidebar

sidebar top widget on pages looks weird with the photo outside it

Typography throughout needs work and is very inconsistent

Spacing around logo in the header on pages needs work plus the logo image looks pixelated

Dead links in the main nav

If you are going to advertise 4 home page layouts and 2 headers then you need to actually show them and prove it not just link these to the same full width page (which by the way needs a lot of work e.g. margins on page content don’t align and its NOT full width ad there is space for a sidebar to the right it just has not been added).

Sorry but with respect you have a long way to go with this

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Dear Charlie,

Thanks for you helpful guides. Do have any source or example for Typography. I don’t know how to create index page to show different style (right and left sidebar ,…) do you have any hints or how to? because it set by options panel

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There are loads of tutorials on typography here http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/series/a-z-of-web-typography--webdesign-11706

Your biggest issue on type is there are a lot of fonts, sizes, styles and that are not ideal nor kept consistent throughout different aspects.

Demos - without seeing your back end it’s hard but it’s your responsibility as the developer to show them and you definitely cannot say there are four options then not demo them. Can you not just create multiple pages and use a different version for each?

There’s still more thing you really need to fix:

  1. You can’t have a featured link in the nav that does not go anywhere

  2. Lifestyle gives a database error and the nav feels weird to only have one single category title

  3. No sidebar/full width (which needs fixing to actually be full width) pages looks awful with the blank space to the right

  4. That pixelated logo image is just irritating

  5. Possible the biggest one in my view (after typography) is the crazy alignment, padding and margins e.g. on home page, around sidebar, between header/main content/footer

  6. The code errors


Thanks again
I don’t know how to create homepage with different option. If you know this I really happy to tell me (by link or video etc)

  1. I see this issue in various demos and I think that I can use it.

  2. I checked again this link but it worked.
    3,4) These issues are right and I try to fix theme.
    5)Can you tell me the example or standard for fixing this issue or tell me crazy points on a pic (if possible).

  3. I checked this theme with theme check and themforest check and didn’t see error I really happy if you tell me those errors.

and again thanks for your helpful guides

With all due respect this is your file and therefore noone is going to know better how to create multiple demos than you. Just look at more or less ANY WP theme on TF and see how they do it.

For what it’s worth the site is very slow too - might be the hsoting but you will want to fix this for the benefit of your demo/sales.

You’re right Lifestyle works now

https://validator.w3.org/nu/?doc=http%3A%2F%2Flyra-theme.esy.es%2F not all are issues but several can be rectified.

Honestly there are too many alignment and padding issues to go through with images but:

  • Header/main content/footer don’t line up anywhere

  • On the home page the sidebar has padding but on every other page is pushed up against the edge (causing more alignment issues)

  • On the home page you have two columns close together then a big gap then the sidebar - just looks weird and again does not line up with any of the header or footer

p.s. you will need to create demos of different post types too e.g. standard, video, gallery, etc etc.

Any suggestion???

Dear @charlie4282

I correct your suggestions in my theme (except header image). I really happy to hear your helpful guides again.

Best Regards

It is definitely an improvement.

Empty space around the logo is still a bit OTT

In the John Smith widget try evening the top/bottom padding

To me the post preview main type is still a little big compared to the widget, nav text etc.

Not sure if this white box “Posts in the Travel category:” is meant to be at the top of the category page but it looks a bit strange.

Might be my cache while I test a new site but in FF and Chrome the post titles look off center to the right on the home page

Spacing and margins are MUCH better

You need to distinguish the home page and the category e.g. travel page more and did you find a way to demo the different home pages and headers?

You might want to invest in a faster host before submitting. If it is accepted buyers will be massively turned away by a slow demo

Dear @charlie4282

Thanks again.
Do you have any idea for empty space around the logo because in many blog theme like (papillon,hemlock and rosemary) I saw this .
If I do these corrections, is it possible to TF accept my theme?

Hello there,

Can you guys please help us as well as we have the same problem, our theme is hard rejected several times, ant feedback is appreciated.

Here is our demo url:

Here is the link to our topic:

Please give us your valuable feedback so we can do something to get approved.