[Hard Rejection] Help Required

My template “Ray - Single Page Portfolio Template” was rejected. I worked so hard for it but it was rejected and the reason was “doesn’t meet our quality standards”. This is the template. Please help with this so that i can improve my future (and current) submissions.

Your themes is big circle, forms, etc, spacing, colors, etc for so rejected your need practice more finally accepted your sell template regards.

Thanks for your comment, I will certainly practice and improve my skills.
btw by “big circle” did you meant the skills section ?

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See below picture:

“big circle”


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Thanks again :smiley:. Did you view this from a mobile device ? This is how it looks on my device.

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your can use small circle as professional, remove background picture, make improvement fonts, please not design more big elements, luck :slight_smile: regards.

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Hi, Thanks again. I will improve it

If I can add something from my point of view: maybe try to use less colors. And if you want it to be colorful, make sure the background and any other elements on the page fit each other.
I feel like the logo and the navigation are too far from each other and the main font used in headers is too bold. The images in portfolio are kinda shrinked.
And did you make a blog page? Because I see the blog posts section, but it doesn’t take me to the blog page :smiley: Also the ‘download my cv’ shouldn’t be centered?
In general it’s like you know some stuff, you know how to make it, you just need a better idea on how to make things work together. Follow the marketplace items, see what get’s accepted and then transform it into your own creative idea. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Definitely agree on the colours

Typography needs work

Kind of annoying that the portfolios don’t go to item details or at least lightbox

The unusual layout - this is tricky. If you want to use that then you need to get the hierarchy, margins, etc. right otherwise it looks broken.

Right now some titles/content overlap two sections, those which begin at the top of new sections have different spacing top/bottom etc. This only really works if you have a consistency throughout the site and give each section of content their own BG area.

Generally I think you need to modernize and tidy up the design adding more features etc.

If you took the alignment out and the background sections (neither of which really work at the moment) then you are left with quite basic concept which needs a fair bit of work.

the quirky layouts are cool but need to be properly executed

A lot of mobile issues - areas like CV are not optimised, portfolio images are stretched, alignment on skills is off etc.

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Thanks a lot for your review, I will certainly make changes and improve it :smiley:

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Thank you, I realize that there are a lot of faults and i will remove those and make it better. Thanks again :smiley: