Hard Rejection for PHP Project with no reason

I received a response from Envato after submitting my product, with the following content:

This is the first time I’ve posted my product for sale on the online environment, so with the above feedback I don’t know how to fix it.
Please guide me what to do next to be able to post my product for sale.

I am confident in the quality of the products I create and am ready to fill in any shortcomings so that I can post them for sale.
Here is the information I have about my product:

Blockquote LaraziCms is a very good CMS built using the latest version of Laravel Framework (V10+).
The management system has all the basic and advanced features to operate a complete website.
You can develop more themes to create a completely new website and do not need to rebuild the administration.
The administration system with simple source code also helps programmers build new functions easily.

Document: Larazi Cms Document

Demo admin:

Theme : https://default.theme.zicms.pro/

Landing: https://zicms.pro/

The design is not good as to be sold as premium item ( haven’t checked the coding ) but if it’s basic CMS such as WordPress, due to security issues first and along with other reasons, you probably won’t get approval on this project as you’re not offering anything unique.

If there’s a free option ( WordPress, for instance ) it’s pointless to pay a script to get the same results when you can get it for free.

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