Hard Rejected - Shopify theme - Need help

Hey all!
I got hard rejected on my first theme submit.

I would like to know what i can improve for my next theme?

I will gladly take ALL feedback that i can get!

I was thinking to myself, that maybe it is too simple in a way, and a little common setup? Could also work on font use, and design?

But if you got any specific things you wanna point out, please do so!

Best regards

I not know because your website rejected but I love your website is very good :slightly_smiling:

I think it takes uniqueness, there is a similar content already available on TF.

It requires hard work on the details

The sections are very simple you need to add only sections.

The images from my point of view are of low quality and inadequate.

The spaces have many flaws, is confunso

Typography requires a great job with the sizes and weights.

Good luck with your submission

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