Hard rejected plugin that scrapes and rewrites with AI articles from websites

Hi, I created a plugin that scrapes websites, rewrites the article with AI and automatically post/schedule.
The user can specify with custom prompts on how he wants the articles to be rewritten for each scraped websites or category from the website.
The user can add a list of URLs, and do the process scrape-rewrite-post in bulk.
The way that this plugin rewrites is that it first splits the article in smaller pieces, and then it rewrites it in different prompts… the article is splitted in a logical way, so that it does not loose context during the rewriting of that piece.
I put a lot of work to make this a quality plugin. I really think it has potential, but it got HARD REJECTED.
I have many updates in plan for further features. Also, I know I should improve the design of the UI.
Can someone help me understand the possibilities on why it got hard rejected?
Here is a link to some screenshots and documentation: plug images - Google Drive
Many thanks in advance.

It’s considered illegal in most countries and I’m not sure about Envato policy but from the beginning you may have chosen the wrong idea.

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There are already plugins with scraping that sell on codecanyon.
Tnx for answer

From which year?

Yea 5y and up. But I wrote to codecanyon a month ago asking if they accept scrapers, they said they do

Support team and reviewers may have different opinions as I believe there’s no item that they can say " We don’t accept " but they just reject the item.

If the item code quality is good, it’s either the design, features or both.

They wrote ‘We do accept scrappers. The best thing you can do is submit it and see what Quality thinks.’
I know its not perfect in design and maybe code, but in terms of features I think its a good plugin, seeing similar ones having success.
I guess was also the documentation that is bad, maybe it does not look professional in most aspects and got hard-rejected.
Need to decide if to spend more time refining it at best, and risk another rejection, after already months of work