Hard rejected need advice

i got hard rejected with my theme and i thought i did well … i guess in themeforest if you are a new author its really really hard to be accepted and still the Themeforest revievers hard rejections with no reasons. no thoughts . If any suggestions i want to hear your advices from the forums community.

Theme Demo is


  • natural scroll is broken it just goes straight to the bottom

  • typogrpahy needs a lot of wrok

  • image on contact sidebar feels lost

  • about us feels incomplete and lacks hierarchy

  • portfolio detail feels unfinished and empty

  • avoidable validation issues

  • generally it probably needs a bit more to it

Scrolls to the bottom of the page automatically with the speed of light. No chance to help as there is no chance to see your website.

is that a scroll to top problem i guess ?

i didnt see or catch that behaviour before thanks for it. i will be lookup for that.

It’s happening in Safari on Mac. I’m not sure if it’s unique bug for this system…

Also colors must be balanced

i didnt tested it on mac safari my bad :slight_smile: i tested it on chrome mozilla edge maybe in 1000 times i found just few after scroll top problems or sometimes with loading screen on scroll after scrolling the theme jumps. i will be check it . Thank you again for advice and remember to me about mac and safari ::slight_smile:

Header/Footer needs lot of work.

Please see already approved products.

ok solved the scrolling problem :slightly_smiling:

also i tested it on ios and safari