Hard Rejected - Can anybody help us?

Hello guys,
Admin dashboard HTML template got hard rejected. Can anybody help us understand why?
Demo link: https://nexel.wrapcoders.xyz

It’s a pain in the a** isn’t it? You and many more of us mate. My guess is either the Reviewer is having a crap day or it’s the copyright mark at the end. I think they mentioned no “Copyright” links or some crap.
Other than that, looks ok to me.

It’s really painful. we get 16-time hard rejection.

Otherwise, thanks for your time

We already spent more than two (2) years on this item.

I feel your pain man. It’s crap. But hey, they can do what they like.

You are absolutely right :+1:

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Although your admin is correct, it doesn’t have any personality or bring anything new. Beside that, your index page is simply awful and doesn’t engage the user on your product. Take a look at current best sellers index demo page.

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Thanks for your valuable replay