Hard Reject. Why?

I submitted almost 10 logos but they all got rejected. Here is my latest submission. They don’t give any solid reason for rejection. Please tell me how can I get approved.

the head is quite basic and the zig zag is not immediately obvious as relevant to the energy context (presumably this is what it is?)

most of all the typography doesn’t work in terms of font choices, hierarchy etc.

There’s better designers than us like @DesignSomething @n2n44 who might be able to offer more technical insight

hi, I am sorry but for me the illustration looks awkwardly executed at this stage . I do not believe that the illustration is either looking modern , nor really creative and , quite frankly, even really looking aesthetic. In addition, for me there a lack of correlation between illustration that u have right now and the typo, this is not really matching very well , according to me. The text part is a bit too stuck to the illustration and there not a big enough spacing between the fox head, the name and the tagline. This is for the vertical version. This gets even worse when It comes to the horizontal version and for this one, I assume that u can realize that there is a real majorproblem of imbrication of both illustration and text parts … I also tend to believe that the concept, at this stage, is rather flat. Finally , for me some of your preview images are definitely not selling what u have created as the lack of contrast makes u fail to make the design stand out

It’s been said already about the “design” but I’d like to approach in a different way as this is not a template:

  • Graphic elements that represent a specific concept can also prove challenging when adding a custom name. If a graphic element relies on the accompanying text to give the design context, it will not be suitable as a Logo Template.

Hello, this shape like fox or dog because it draw is not good, and typography neither not good, thank you.