Guys help me find this song

guys i cant refind this song , my client approve this song and i comeback to buy this song but i cant find this , 20531333_uplifting-inspiring-rock_by_blueskyaudio_preview please help me someone

The track with that number seems to be have been deleted, but the same author has a track with that exact title:

Is that it? If not, I’d suggest sending the author a message via their profile page. Good luck!

yap the song that i search is no longer available , i find the link but when i opened , they say this item no longer available, do you know why ? please help me , my client really wants that song .

As @stardiva suggested, you want to contact the author directly via the message box on their profile. Only they can tell you what happened and if there is indeed a way for you to get that track anyway.

Good luck :slight_smile:

oke thanks guys ill try to contact the author soon , thanks for your help dude