Graphic Designers For Designing Poster & Thumbnails (Esp. Muslims)

Hi, everyone is invited to contact me for this, no matter what religion, faith you have, but as the niche is Religious topic therefore I would appreciate if Muslims graphic designers come forward.

I am a youtuber and I run 2 brotherly channels “Daily Islamic Reminders” and “iLectures”. Our channels are inspired from the famous Youtube Islamic Channels like TheMercifulservant, TheDailyReminder, Islamic Guidance, Nouman Ali Khan (NAK). Trying to send the real message of peace, equality, love and brotherhood of Islam to the muslims as well as non-muslims.

We are looking for a group of Graphic designers to design Islamic Posters for our social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Tumblr. Islamic posters will consist of Quranic Ayahs, Hadeeths & Islamic Quotes for our muslim audience. We will need the graphic designers to design atleast 1 poster per week, and on average we will be needing 3 posters per week.

So we are hiring on the following basis, please indicate how you would like to work with us based upon the following numbers, We’re equally confident to hire you in any of the following manner (The following criteria are only for Muslims graphic designers, for non-muslims it will be on commercial basisi):

  1. Volunteer
  2. Commercial basis (i.e we pay you for your designs, you get paid $/design)
  3. Volunteer & on-Commercial basis at the same time (We will pay guaranteed for complex project, but for simpler projects sometime you will be paid and sometime not in times of Financial difficulties)

P.s. If you want to work on commercial terms then please also indicate how much on average you willing to charge us per poster/banner ?
If you work on commercial basis then your payment will be guaranteed, don’t worry we will pay you no matter what happens.

We will send all the relevant info once someone is interested!

Please reply us asap. You can contact us directly via

Kindly send us a link to your portfolio as well.