Grafik by Select Themes confusing


I bought [removed - calling out items or authors] by [removed - calling out items or authors] a few months ago. The demos were impressive, clean, and had one feature that I didn’t see anywhere else. Every time I tried to create with it, I ran into another problem. I would send a ticket in, and it was usually days, and a couple of times, a week+ before I got a response. I chalked my issues up to being a novice. Then I had an experienced WP friend try to help me with it. They tried things that are standard practice, and none of them worked. We discovered there is little logic in the interface, and buttons that should deliver a widget or something else simply did nothing. I couldn’t wait days, or weeks, to get my site up so I bought another theme, from Oshin / Brand Exponents, and I realized what a mess Grafik was. My tickets were answered consistently within 24 hours or less, helping me get my site up in a week. This post is two-fold: don’t buy [removed - calling out items or authors] and do buy themes from Brand Exponents. I would also like to leave a review so that no one else suffers through trying to make a Select Theme product work. Check out my site – My first WP site, done in a week, thanks to BE.