GR: Nominate your file for our upcoming, corporate-themed marketing campaign!

Hi everyone,

Our Marketing team are gearing their engines to to run a great, big campaign! We want to invite our authors to get involved.

Shortly, we’re going to be running a campaign that promotes items which help our customers deliver their corporate projects. This could be a new theme or a plugin, an infographic or anything which helps meets digital corporate needs. We would like to invite our authors to get involved and nominate their corporate items to be considered for our campaign.

The campaign will be running for 7 days in late March, featuring a mix of 50 - 80 items whose list prices are discounted 40% from their normal list price.

Items selected to be part of this promotion will be featured on a special campaign landing page promoted through Envato’s marketing channels to be be seen by over 500,000 highly engaged Envato Customers

In addition to promoting a range of items for the duration of the campaign, every 24 hours throughout the campaign we will be running a featured promotion for one superstar ThemeForest product that has generated over 3000 sales. The item featured will change each day, promoting 5-7 different items over the campaign’s duration. In the past, we have seen this drive additional exposure for all items featured within the campaign.

Criteria for Selection:

In order for your nominated file to be be showcased on our landing page, your file must meet the criteria below:

  • The file must be corporate themed or provide a solution for a corporate need.

  • You must be the author of the file you’re submitting.

  • Items price must be $3 or more.

  • Your item must have 10 sales or more

  • You must nominate your item before we close the nominations of the 7th March 2017 at 5pm AEDT
    The 40% off sale price must be reflective of the original list price your item has been set to for the majority of time before the promotion (for at least 30 days prior to 7th March 2017).

Instructions for nominating your file:

  1. For GraphicRiver items with less than 3000 sales, fill out our nomination form here.
  2. Post an image of your item in the thread below.

By nominating your item for this promotion you are choosing to discount your item’s list price by 40% from its original list price at time of entry. The included buyer fee will not change. More information on how to calculate prices with buyer fees is here.

This change will take place automatically for all items which are successfully chosen for the campaign. We will be in touch if your item has been selected for promotion on the page. You of course remain free to set whatever price you wish, at whatever time. You might wish to leave the discount in place after the promotion or to manually return your price to its existing level. It’s entirely up to you!


  • Will I know if my item is chosen to be on the landing page?
    We will contact all authors whose items are selected for promotion on the landing page by 15th March 2017.

  • What if my item isn’t chosen to be on the landing page?
    We will only contact authors whose items have been selected for promotion on our campaign page. However, we anticipate an increase in traffic, so you can still participate by managing in your item price onsite if you wish.

  • What if I want to withdraw my nomination?
    If you’ve changed your mind, simply flag your nomination comment and let us know that you want to withdraw your item from consideration.

  • If my item is selected will it remain on the landing page throughout the entire promotion?
    Probably! We’ll be periodically reviewing the page to make sure we’re putting our best foot forward in promoting great deals for our customers. Items which don’t meet the promotional criteria will be removed from the promotion (but will of course remain for sale on Envato Market), plus to maintain a cohesive ‘look and feel’ we reserve the right to add or remove items from the landing page for any reason in our sole discretion.

  • How are items selected?
    All items nominated must meet the criteria selection listed above. Items for the promotional page will then be chosen by the Envato Marketing team. Quality is our main priority.

  • Any other questions?
    If you’ve got any related questions, just reply to this forum and we’ll get right back to you!

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Hi! Mine:

My nomination thank you!


Hi Envato, this is my nomination. Thank you!


My Nomination


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My Nomination!


My second nomination!

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My last one,

Medical PowerPoint Presentation Template

Ideal PowerPoint to make academic presentations. Medical, content section section (introduction ,team , portfolio , Medicine, spine, teeth, heart, sperm, bladder, lungs, bones, microscopy, pregnancy, health, DNA, pharynx, stomach, skin, nurse, doctor, timeline, body infographic etc.), many layouts options, animations and more. All objects are vectors and smart objects, and they are fully editable and animated. ![image](upload://y3ar4X0l64AGHs8DcoJOAOy3Xsf.jpg)

my nomination here:


Here I’m

my nomination here:

Here’s my nomination:

Here are my nomination



Hi! This is my nomination. Thanks!


I nominate my best selling Invoice

Commercial Invoice Templates with Automatic Calculation features for Excel files.

This Invoice will help you in your business to save time, organize you product data and customers info and easily generate the invoice by inserting the costumers ID and Items ID.

This invoice came on 8 colors ready to use. Also you can change the color to match your brand, if you want. The font used is free.

Hi, this is my item