Google Maps in Modal Window ! argghhhh

This is now doing my head in.

Has anyone got a working version I could look at or some links ?

I have it nearly there ! But the full map isnt being rendered in the modal box

Presently calling static map, and hyperlinking off this into a modal box. With a Map canvas div , and it is nearly there but just not quite.

It seems to be a prevalent issue, and one guy who has this working is:
Link here

I am using Soh Tanakas modal popup

But the bloody map isnt rendering correctly.

Any help appreciated, can even email you sample code thus far for you to see whats going on.

Demo of problem in Image below.


Have you tried doing something like this?

Open Map

or you can use the evolution :bigevilgrin: :

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont want to use iframes


Thanks anyway… still tearing hair out lol

If you figure it out, I will buy evolution as it is very nice.