Google and DMCA complaints


Recently, we have noticed that Google has started to not delete the pages where our software is published illegally from the search results. Although all DMCA notifications are made legally and correctly, this situation is really interesting.

We don’t want to blame it directly, but we’re starting to have serious suspicions about some connections that shouldn’t exist.The recent decrease in the quality of their services and this incident is quite interesting.

Are you experiencing such a problem?

One of the recent answers:


Thanks for reaching out to us.

We’ve decided not to take action on these URLs:

We suggest you consider sending your removal request straight to the site’s webmaster. Take a look at Google Search Help to learn how to contact a site’s webmaster.

If the content gets taken down, we’ll update our search results automatically the next time we crawl the site. If the content has changed and you need us to update search results faster, you can submit a new request using our webpage removal request tool.


The Google Team

For more information about our content removal process, see Legal Help.


Welcome to new Google. It seems that Google no longer takes legal issues seriously and can publish such ads.