gMap live data animated marker map to Lat/Lng

We have a stream of lat lng data, that gets updated every few seconds / minutes

I was wondering if anyone was aware of a gmap script, that updates marker positions on the fly as data is received.

So user loads page, large gmap is displayed. Marker at specific lat lng gets displayed, then the map pans to a new position ( animated automatically ) with a new marker for that lat and lng etc

I have seen some sites do similar mashups ( usually for visitor maps ) just wondered if anyone knew of any code, script method.


So essentially looking to replicate something like this.

Pardon my English. :frowning:

I built this functionality for a client once. I used Gmap3for google maps along with custom jQuery to accomplish this.

Check this page I’ve created for you. Hope this helps.

Thanks WPT , just having a play witht he code right now. Appreciate that :slight_smile: