Give your feedback about this design

hi i think no as this is globally rather cool but the thing is that the style is a bit deja vu like … and to be honest , there are some things to improve a bit if u ask me …the positioning in the slanted bar is definitely no properly done, u have to make sure that if u wanna use such a shape that not only u can handle and it and make an originality and not a burden, but also that u are going to offer a flawless disposition of the elements inside, right now, what u have is a misbalance between top and bottom part f the the stripe and this brings the feeling that u could not really handle this choice and disposition. which is not necessarily easy by the way, don’;t worry … u are not the only one to have such problems with such shapes … this is also making me wander why choosing to fall the texts on the left everywhere but choose to flag them in the center in the stripe? this is not really coherent if u ask me
pls pay attention to contrast as well , u need to make sure that texts are not only visible but that the appropriate one really pop out too.
no sure that the qr code in color like this is much making sense and i tend to believe that his is not super aesthetic either
finally i think that dropping shadows under the phone would make the disposition smoother and the global scenery more realistic indeed