Give me suggestion: one JS file size is 1.85M,Is it too large for a site ???

all the CSS and JS files of this wordpress plugin, the size is very large.
and the biggest files’ size is 1.85M.
What do you think about it.
Would you install a plugin with a large JS file on your site?

Never, I’ll never install any plugin like this. If on a site all js + css size is more than 500KB then it is also tooooo large.

thanks for reply!similar opinion with me.I spent lots of time on compress CSS and JS files,if use this plugin ,it would waste all my work.
but the author said:> it is for advance user and those who have a well server

Don’t know but if that plugin is only for backend then I think its okay. If it loads the assets on frontend then there should be a solution.

maybe after mod_pagespeed + uglify,the files can be modified to acceptable size.
but the plugin combined lots of components ,many of them are useless for me .