Generating a List of links from Envato market place

I am going to start my affiliate website where I can sell all Envato marketplace items.
There are +8.000.000 items and my script fetches the data from the link of any item.

So for example if I want to add the links in bulk then it will look like this:

So I developed a software with C# that Crawls the website links and grabs the links of all items one by one.
The problem I have is that Envato automatically blocks my IP and this means that my software is now worthless.

Considering that RSS/Feed has limited links (and it does not include all the old products added in the marketplace) in it, what do you suggest to create the products list?

I appreciate your advice and suggestion


Please don’t scrape the entire marketplace. Use the API

There are item search endpoints you can use.

thanks for replying.
Don’t have much knowledge about the API.
any guide to build the links? :grimacing:

can i have that list or that script you developed