Funny bug with followers


Could someone visit my page to check: do you see the same as me?

Bug with followers?

Yes. Same here: I opened a ticket :slight_smile:


Wow… an epidemy!


Yep, same here.


Dude, you’ve got to stop cloning yourself. It’s unethical! I can imagine it’s a good way to get more work done though. :grinning:


Haha … same here. I prefer it multiply my total earning than my icon :grinning:


You still didn’t it? Hurry to be in time! :smiley:


Yes! Same here: :smile:


something broken? I think, Envato fix soon that bug :slight_smile:


At least now I can be sure that all those guys at the bottom row of my profile are not crossfollow-hunters and they are honestly interesting in how I am :laughing:


Yeah man same here pfff :slight_smile:


Same here! But it happened now.


Same here! I think Envato will soon fix that bug :slight_smile:


I love myself, that’s why I follow my own account :stuck_out_tongue:


had the same trouble today


Same here :slight_smile: Yesterday was ok but today no.


Huh, mine is fixed (bye clones) but some of yours is still not.


You are your number one fan!


Yes, for sure! :slight_smile:


my bug is fixed yau