FTP glitch - upload files->process files-> files disappear

Hi guys!
Yesterday and day before I uploaded to FTP /bulk_upload/photos/ two batches.
Then I went to “https://photodune.net/item_submissions” and clicked on “process uloads” button. Then happened nothing. Files are disappeared from FTP, from anywhere and I see:

“You currently have no submissions. Start uploading on the right.”


Hi, same problem here.

I ended uploading them one by one with the dashboard uploader, slow and tedious task.

Hope this issue get arranged soon.

The same here. Looks weird.

I have the same problem

same here…
8 days and no response from envato?
@mgscoder maybe you can help?


Sorry! to know that you are facing issues with item submission. In forum we are not able to help you in this issues. Please contact with the right support team with the screenshots of the problems.
Please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you.


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Yes, this is funny I need three envato accounts to report such critical thing and Envato is not noticing the problem for such long time.
First I need to login to forums to checkout what is happening, then post, then realize nobody from envato is monitoring, then issue a support ticket with all my account data(like support site is not seeing I am already logged in and fill them up).
Kinda frustrating.
Anyway ticket sent :wink:


Yeah, same problem here!!!

the same problem
but only with photos with model releases