Frustrated - 90% of Wordpress Themes Are Not Working

I am very frustrated, again and again. Regarding Wordpress Themes mostly the themes wont work because some functions are not correctly, plugins are missing, documentation or demo content is not available anymore… it seems that the stuff here is some kind of 2nd hand share for beta versions.

I will cancel my subscription.

“I will cancel my subscription.” :slight_smile:
With all due respect, that happens when you go cheap and you choose thousands of WordPress themes without support for a few bucks!

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Well, so you think I should have no expectation for a > 200 bucks subscription?

Even if you pay $1k, doesn’t make sense when you buy something without support, and more when it comes to WordPress.

So yes, $200 is like the price of 4 themes, so you have your answer. If you expect to have 2k+ themes + 1k plugins and 4K Kits and all of them work properly / up to date, then your expectation is to height for what you pay, and from that expectation, it results in your frustration and the thread/s open to complain (edit, I see that in all your threads you complain about Elements lol), and you received this kind of answer a few times by now but you still writing the same thing over and over.

I was an Envato Elements author myself too, but when you get cents, like 0.01$ for a download for hundreds of downloads for less than $1, doesn’t make sense to keep the themes there, yes, only if they don’t work and you don’t provide updates any more than it makes sense!

And let’s say as an author, you are happy with the cents received, besides that, you’ll receive tons of emails and spam comments regarding the support or if the theme has an issue with the typically frustrated message “I have a subscription and I purchased this theme”.

Well, you or any subscribed, you haven’t purchased any item from Envato Elements, you subscribed to a service that offers millions of items, without the support, and that’s it! You have a few thousand items, test them one by one, and maybe you’ll find something that will work, at the end of the day, you chose that, items without support or any info if the theme you want to download has been updated or not!

We use themes from @greatives @ThemeREX @axiomthemes and @AncoraThemes - all are from envato elements and no issues at all.