Friend match

Hello everyone!

I am looking for a theme, using for a match the people who are looking for a friendship. It seems like Tinder, yes. But, it is totally different. We create and develope a new algorithm from our department and it is ready to apply. In the first step before mobile app, we will use a webpage for it.

When i check the themese i cannot find a good choice. Do you have any ideas or offers for it?

Thanks for now.

If it’s a custom algorithm and therefore fairly complex then you are unlikely to find a stock solution esp as no one but you will be able to check for potential compatibility requirements or issues.

If you have a sensible budget then you could look as a custom build from

Hello Charlie. Thanks for your good advice. But I believe that, I can solve my problem with an basic theme. Let me explain you, why I think like that.

We will give some specialties (with ourselves) to the users and they would have matched other people, who got these type of specialties… it is like, obvious competencies will match with other competencies. The algorithm is not complicated that much. The web page has to match the people in that way. I cannot tell you more but I hope you can imagine what I mean.

Are people going to have profile?

What search functionality needs to exit to match people?

There are some pretty serious hosting/security considerations you need to look at

Yes, they will have a profile. But this profile will not have details like facebook or smt. It will be like Tinder.

I cannot tell you the details because of our agreement but I can give you an example: before enter the web page, the members will choose a music what he/she likes. After that, the webpage will match the members with this music genre.

And yes, security is so important. I don t think that it will be easy; because of this, I need suggestions.


If you want public profiles then your list is much shorter as you will need to look at buddypress themes: Https://
unless you build the profiles/member features yourself

However these will a lot of other features that you probably don’t need - hence the reason why sometimes it’s just easier to create something specific to purpose

Hey Charlie,

Thank you so much for your help. I think I can check these themes for me.

You are the one!