Freelancers from UK - How much taxes you pay?



I’m planning to migrate to London for 6 months + 1 day / year due I seen taxes are very low (about 30% within $130K / year). Is there some one here from UK that can confirm me this percentage and clarify me tax system?

Thank you!


You can find all the information here


Thank you, useful link! I would be happy to have a confirmation from some one that is truly in UK due tax are complex and I really not sure of the percentage.


It’s the official website (government) so I’m quite sure that you won’t need confirmation but feel free to get second opinion


You will definitely get taxed more than 30% on a £100K+ salary (mind you that salary in itself is quite rare unless you are very high up in a top 10 agency).

It also depends on how you are registered e.g. self-employed, PAYE, Ltd company, paid via an umbrella company etc. because of other taxes and contributions beyond just income.

As there are several considerations before coming here it’s best to consult with one of the many companies out there which can advise in more detail and give you the best options with how to set yourself up.