Free Files of the Months [CodeCanyon] - But Those are not free for me. Why?

If you go to the this link ( you can find free items of this month.

It has following product.

YouTube Automated CMS -

But When I go that page I can’t download it free. Please can I know that what is the reason for it and how I download it free?

Hey there. That item was July’s free file, and it can no longer be downloaded for free.

Please can I know that how I find it for which month?

I had a quick glance at the comments and someone said that the file was free in July, if you’re asking how I knew it was July’s free file.

Just go to e.g. the home and you will see “the free file” on the page somewhere. You can check it for on other marketplaces as well if you need some plugins codecanyon etc…

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