Forgotten Content ID Banner and soft rejection?

halloween is over. Thank you very much for Reviewer’s attention to detail. If an artist can change the Content ID later and doesn’t put banners in the descriptions, how accurate is it to reject period pieces because of this?
The Happy Kids by ANDARKAN | AudioJungle this is my piece. Content ID is present but no banner. You blocked the sale of my halloween track. It doesn’t matter if it’s a corporate piece or another piece that will be sold every semester.

To me thought: Reviewers should be respectful not only to themselves but also to other artists.

No matter what we talk about, the life of this piece is now over. It will wait a year, and by then buyers will be looking at newly manufactured songs. Thank you AJ Reviewers.

Additional info: AJ Reviewers, have you ever rejected a piece because the price is too low? But when we type one dollar, AJ gets a warning.