Foreign Language Experiments in the Forums

###Hello all! Just a heads-up that we have just launched some foreign language experiments in our forums!

There are now dedicated forum threads for Russian and Spanish languages and our aim is to see if they will help community members succeed. While foreign languages continue to be not permitted throughout the forums, the exception will be the brand new threads. Usual forum guidelines apply.

Visit the Russian-speaking thread | Visit the Spanish-speaking thread

If you speak Russian or Spanish, head on over to the new threads and say hello to your fellow friends! Meanwhile, if there’s another language you would also like permitted in the forums, please let us know in this thread and we’ll keep it under consideration for the future.

###Спасибо! // Gracias!


Olá! Tenho o prazer de anunciar o lançamento de um tópico oficial da língua Portuguesa em nossos fóruns! Sei que há um enorme grupo de membros da comunidade falando Português aqui na Envato e gostaria de dar a todos vocês um lugar oficial para conversar, ajudar e apoiar uns aos outros!

Somente espanhol, não português :slight_smile:

Good initiative!
I think that there are many Italian colleagues, I propose the Italian. for some complex subjects might be difficult for the Italians.


Nice move! Hope there will be an Italian language thread as well :slight_smile:


Bravo!! Nice!!

नमस्ते! इस परिचर्चा पटल पर कई हिन्दीभाषी लोग भी हैं। अतः मेरा मानना है कि यहां हिंदी भाषा का विकल्प भी होना चाहिए।

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Good idea, but I think it ended with some misunderstanding and now we have Russian language poping up outside dedicated topic.

Yeah Envato. Go for it. Split it up and make hundreds of individual language islands.
Building walls seems to be very trendy now…

… Sorry?

Hi Matthew
What I tried so say is that people from so many different countries participate here. I assume if one counts all languages, it is certainly over 100. It has been very exciting to discuss with someone from e.g. Russian or from South America in this forum. With the division into language zones, this is now eliminated - or at least reduced. But I understand that it’s certainly easier to communicate in the mother tongue. (Having sad this, please forgive my mediocre English :slight_smile: )

Certainly no plans to “zone” our languages just yet. The purpose of this experiment is to see how many people were keen to communicate in their own language vs doing what I’m doing- getting a chrome extension to translate the page.

We need to keep it “zoned” during the experiment phase so that our staff members could follow the discussion. If we roll out different languages on our forums in a formal sense we’d need to add out some infrastructure to make sure everyone can be a part of the discussion.

We’re trying to build bridges, not walls. Diversity is (in my opinion) a darn good thing. :wink:


I see… Looks reasonable and well thought-out.
Thank you for explaining the planned structure, very appreciated.

Да хорошо будет.Я думаю мы мыслим по Русски

Hi HedyGraphics. let’s hope that a dedicated forum threads for Portuguese comes soon too.

Yes i also think that there are many Portuguese speakers in here. i’am one of those :grin:.

We also live in the same country. lets find some other members from Mozambique and make a meetup.

Vamos a isso! :blush:

Hello Scott,

English is not my first language, nevertheless I would prefer the whole Community to keep speaking English. In my opinion, it is nice to share the same language, it gives each and every member of the Community the opportunity to ready any posts and reply (should they wish to).

This is not a complaint anyway, I thought it was the right moment to epxress my point of view, with all due respect for Envato and the Foreign Language Experiment. :slight_smile:

All the very best

Great initiative! :slight_smile:

I propose also the Italian language for the future, I hope it will be added soon.

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