For my clients, may I utilise a presentation template?

I’m freelance graphic designer.
I’m excited to employ the Envato Elements templates for my clients’ projects because I really adore them.

If I buy a membership, can I utilise any template such as presentation / social media / video with my clients’ texts and material without modifying the design or layout and send the client a PSD / PPT and PDF file?

Please do not send me any terms of usage links because I have read the licence terms.
Please send me a brief explanation so that I can proceed and purchase a subscription.


It depends in more detail on the exact output and use

You cannot distribute items without editing and in their original format

Any item used has to be completed while you are still subscribed so you can’t give them a source file that they can adapt into another design in the future after you have unsubscribed

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I don’t think you can send your clients the original format of a template without making any changes. This is against the rules. But this is just my opinion. If you want more accurate information about this, you should talk to customer service.