Fluxstore Test and Installation Problem

sorry i am beginner, i try to following the instruction to install fluxstore pro and want to integrated to my opencart sites. when i test the fluxstore source on android studio, first i was tried the config.json and config.dart as instruction by the default setting but that’s not working.
and result it is maindart problem

this is notification on Dart Analyst
error: The method ‘getLanguagesList’ isn’t defined for the class ‘_LanguageState’. (undefined_method at [fstore] lib\screens\language.dart:39)
error: Undefined name ‘kStoreIdentifier’. (undefined_identifier at [fstore] lib\screens\settings.dart:52)
error: Undefined name ‘kStoreIdentifier’. (undefined_identifier at [fstore] lib\screens\settings.dart:53)
error: The method ‘getLanguagesList’ isn’t defined for the class ‘MagentoHelper’. (undefined_method at [fstore] lib\services\helper\magento.dart:53)
info: Unused import: ‘…/common/config.dart’. (unused_import at [fstore] lib\screens\language.dart:4)
info: Unused import: ‘…/common/config.dart’. (unused_import at [fstore] lib\screens\settings.dart:8)
info: Unused import: ‘…/…/common/config.dart’. (unused_import at [fstore] lib\services\helper\magento.dart:3)

if the test configuration was problem, how about with my site ? any solution ?


Contact with your purchase item authro hope they will helepd!


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hi… i cannot sync the gradle with firebase new .json file… can you help me