FlexBox and Wordpress themes

Can we sue Flexbox in WordPress themes.? Are there any themes on the ThemeForest that are sold and are built by using Flex Box?

I mean the use of flexbox will not be the cause of refusal of a theme?


I’m sure you can’t get rejected because of using Flex Box in a theme. If your theme does not have visual problems across all major browser, then you should get approved(Of course, if the design is 100% perfect)

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Can you Please elaborate this?

The main problem of hard rejected items is a bad design/layout. If your design passes the quality check, your item is almost approved. :slight_smile:

Actually 2 years back I tried to upload a theme and it was hard rejected. so how can I understand while building a theme that I have a good design that will be accepted? Any Parameters?

  1. If you are a designer you should be able to knoe if your design is ready(see approved items and compare with your item)

  2. If you have a template/theme you can share the link here. The community cand give you advice(or if the item is ready for TF).

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Here are the Links →

  1. http://demo2.blogeto.com/benedicto/fundraiser/
  2. http://demo2.blogeto.com/benedicto/church/
  3. http://demo2.blogeto.com/benedicto/shop/

P.S. → One theme 3 Demos.

Any help from any guy?