Flatsome & WooCommerce Product Page Help (Full Width Description)

Hello, all

I am working on a woocomerce website and editing the bottom portion of the product page (the description) through the flatsome UX Builder

It is creating space on both sides of the screen and is throwing off the entire feel of the website as the rest of the website is full width. I like where the actual content is, but I would like to stretch that brown background to the ends.

I have messed with the advanced classes (see where ??? are) and certain css classes do get it to stretch a bit, but never full.

Anyone have any clue on how to accomplish this?

The section I am talking about is technically classified as a “banner”, but this happens to all. Image attached

Thanks in advance,

I did a quick Google search, and all I could find was that there might be a fullwidth (100%) page template that you might need to select on the backend when adding a product. But I don’t know for sure since I don’t own a copy of the theme.

But have you tried reaching out to the author for help? They can for sure give you an answer on how to stretch that section.

Did you figure this out? I’m trying to do the same thing.

You could try the following. Go to your flatsome theme customization options, Pages–> “Default - Page Template” set it to full-width. This will set the default template your pages will display.

If you just want to set only one page I suggest to go to your page settings and change the template to full-width of the page you want.

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